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Improper Payments

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Sampling and Statistics
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This site provides well organized links to tax, accounting, finance, law, and related web sites that may be useful to business people. To improve response time, graphics are avoided.

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This site was recognized as outstanding site for researching people in "Digging Up Information on Someone:  Portals for Prying", by Jennifer Saranow, The Wall Street Journal, Technology Report, September 15, 2003, page R6.
"Will Yancey, a Dallas accountant who specializes in litigation support, started compiling bookmarks of his favorite sites in 1995.  Today, his site offers users links to other portals as well as to legal and political directories."

This site is the first web site listed "101 Internet Sites Accountants Love," by Michael G. Stevens, Practical Accountant, February 2001, page 22.
"As a starting point, it's worth noting there are sites that are extraordinary in that they provide a vast range of links to hundreds of other sites.  For example, http://willyancey.com is a tremendous overall site with groupings and hyperlinks to tax, sampling and statistics, electronic commerce, general business, law, and litigation support sites.  There are links to Web and computer resources, and finding people, places and firms.  There are also miscellaneous sites on areas such as buying automobiles, health, humor, and travel."

This site was recognized by Forbes as one of the top eight web sites for tax planning (Forbes Interactive Money Guide, Fall 1999, page 77, www.forbes.com/bow/b2c/review.jhtml?id=497).
"Ugly to look at, but a useful Web site by yet another tax accountant.  Will Yancey, a Texas Ph.D. and CPA, is Mr. Uberlinks.  His site is great for small business owners, offering help not just with numerous tax links but also with things like credit references and links to state laws and agencies.   BEST: Comprehensive.  WORST: Has a CPA's typical flair for design, lacking graphical variation even in type size."
My response as a straight-talkin' Texan: "No sizzle, just the steak!"
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