Sampling Theory and Applications

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This page lists articles and books related to sampling and the derivation of formulas useful in a wide range of statistical applications. This includes derivations of formulas and empricial tests. This list is selected from the thousands of books and articles related to sampling. These refrerences include a mix of theory and applications. Sampling applications in specific domains, such as auditing and accounting, are cited on other web pages on this web site. Some items are cited on more than one web page in this web site.

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Disclaimer: Inclusion in this list does not imply the reference is or was a reliable authority or relevant to any particular set of facts.  Omission from this list does not imply the item was not reliable.

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Lower Bound of the Confidence Interval

Citations related to computation of the lower bound for estimating accounting error and tax assessments.

Messy Data, Outliers, and Nonresponse

Populations with Many Zero Values