Local Sales, Use and Transaction Taxes

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Disclaimer:  Inclusion of a link does not constitute an endorsement or assertion about the usefulness of the information provided.  These local taxes include sales, use, transaction privilege, municipal utility, local gross receipts, business privilege tax, and business license taxes based on revenue.
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General Directories on Local Taxes

Court Cases on Local Taxing Jurisdictions' Authority to Tax

Following are citations to a few cases that have implications for local governments' authority to assess local taxes based on sales, use, gross receipts, or business occupation.  Some of these cases are also cited in the page on Tax Class Action Litigation .

Publishers of Local Tax Software and Print Products

Links on geocoding and postal maps are at willyancey.com/finding.htm#maps-geocoding
Links on sales and use tax software are at willyancey.com/tax_sales.htm#publishers

Tax Audit Contractors

These contractors work for federal, state, and local government tax authorities on tax audits, enforcement, or collections.

Specific State and City Links

Following are links to some web sites selected from the thousands of web sites that have something to do with local transaction taxes.