Unclaimed Property and Escheat Law
Will Yancey, PhD, CPA
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Dr. Yancey is a consultant to holders of unclaimed property. For information on how to recover unclaimed property please direct your questions to one of the sites below.

Recovering Unclaimed Property in USA

Some of these services charge a finder's fee.

Asssociations and Conferences on Unclaimed Property

Most of these have more than unclaimed property on their conference agendas.

Newsletters on Unclaimed Property

Newsletters about unclaimed property are provided by the following organizations.
Some of these may require membership or subscription fees.

Guides for Holders of Unclaimed Property

Research and guides for holders to comply with unclaimed property laws.
For stored value cards and gift cards see willyancey.com/billings.html#stored-value

Software for Holders of Unclaimed Property

Consulting and Compliance Services for Holders of Unclaimed Property

These service providers assist holders with performing due diligence prior to escheating unclaimed property to the states.
Some may provide other services such as administering shareholder communications.
For other links on finding addresses see willyancey.com/finding.htm
For other links on finding companies see willyancey.com/firmdata.htm
The names after the firm names are the principal leaders of the unclaimed property practice area at these firms. No more than 4 names are listed for any one firm.
Please email any additions or revisions to wyancey@aclrsbs.com

Law Firms advising on Unclaimed Property

These law firms also handle many other types of cases.
Some firms represent holders and some represent true owners.
The name of a principal one, two, or three attorneys providing advice on unclaimed property follows the firm name.
Please email any additions or revisions to wyancey@aclrsbs.com

Auditors of Unclaimed Property

These consultants work for state governments to audit holders of unclaimed property and manage the unclaimed property reports received by the states.

Court Decisions on Unclaimed Property

Selected major court decisions. There are many others not cited below.

Unclaimed Property Offices of US States and Territories

US Federal Agencies - Unclaimed Property

Foreign Countries and Provinces - Unclaimed Property